Green Goldilox

green leaf
We strive to minimise impact on the environment and the community in which we are part of. We aim to meet the needs of our customers in an environmentally efficient way.

We Strive to:

Have a sustainable supply chain
Reuse photography equipment instead of disposing of kit that is no longer required or requires upgrade.
Use recycled paper for administration functions.

Minimise waste and increase our recycling
Use rechargeable batteries in camera kit.
Only use necessary packaging required, whilst ensuring quality of product remains high.
Reuse packaging.
Avoid oversize packaging benefiting environment and keeping costs to a minimum for the customers.
Use digital technologies to enable choice of photographs before printing possible wasteful material.

Be energy-efficient
Use low energy light bulbs.
Use reflective panels to maximise light, rather than additional light sources.
Use solar chargers for charging batteries.

Support our wider community
Offer services at discounted rates to projects in support of environmental goals.



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