Four years on, we now operate quite differently from when Goldilox Photo began in 2012. Whilst Goldilox Photo remains our legally registered company, we now trade as CO Photography and Design, we’ve rebranded – and are rather excited to announce this new phase to you!!

So what’s new?

- Our NAME!!! CO stands for working together collaboratively with our clients and cohesively as a team.

- We offer more products (now photography AND graphic design) to different markets. We love our families and couples, but we now also cater for the corporate client too.

- More people are involved – we have a team! Carrie, Charlotte, Alan, Katherine and Amy…. check out their smiling faces on the site’s team page here...>

- We want to find more brilliant personalities to "work with us"…check out the work with us page on the site here...>

We have our signature styles for each product that we offer of course, but our motto is "client led creations”. Our clients are truly at the heart of all that we do. Everyone of our clients is unique and we love delivering with them, specific to them.

"CO Photography and Design offering high quality photography and design with the client at the heart of all we do."

We are in the process of relaunching our social media channels under the new name, and are so grateful for the support from our friends and families so far (it means everything to us), and some aspects of the website are still under construction.....but this will all be completed soon.

Our new title & brand represents who we are as individuals and as a team.

Wish us luck and why not take a look! …>

Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

May 3rd 2016.

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