Today started at 5.30am – not my choice obviously but what the 11month old deemed a sensible time to demand attention. I groan when I look at the clock but to be fair, we did get to snuggle for half hour in bed – and when I have a lay in (by that I mean 7am) I’m often not co-ordinated in any way before leaving for the school run so there are benefits! One being that the little guy will nap in the morning and give me a while to reply to some emails and get some work done.

I’m not complaining, I’m very lucky to have a career choice that has given me this flexibility – to be at home with my boys but still earning my own money and doing what I love – and today I’ve noticed some similarities between coping mechanisms in each area of my life.

As I chase my youngest round the lounge trying to do up at least one of the poppers to hold his vest on I’m aware that I’ve already decided, even if by some miracle I do all three poppers, the trousers will stay off – we’re picking battles - or prioritising – just as I will do with the many things on the work "to do” list when he’s asleep.

And it’s not just clients, co-partner Carrie is an inspiration, whose ideas leap so quickly and enthusiastically through the many things we plan to achieve with our business – that sometimes picking one priority and seeing that through is the best way forward. This evening I may simply raise a glass to achieving one thing on the list – my first blog post.

It’s hard work, non-stop and often involves coffee, but it works – and I’ve never been one for sitting down for too long. I frustrate the hell out of my husband for always moving to the next challenge. And the great thing is of course, the end results; seeing clients happy as they get the design that they had ‘in their heads’ finally visualized, and thoroughly enjoying my kids as they grow up (here’s me with my Theo) – give me a 5.30 start any day.

Written by Charlotte,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

May 11th 2016.




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