Saying yes to opportunity and wearing the boot shoe...

I read on social media of how a national business advocacy is coming to our local area this year. With the offer of business bootcamp, mentoring, office resources and all things good on offer this was definitely up mine, and my co-partner Charlotte’s, street. Applicants were required to pitch to the panel of judges in order to be selected for the programme.

Just the word pitch, made me get excited. I’m there. We didn’t come this far to only come this far. Off I went to get the outfit of choice (priorities).

Seriously love a bit of inspiration and constructive challenge, and am a firm believer that this sort of stuff can help us as a business, and as individuals, to be the best we can be.

In a situation when you’re employed by a big corporate firm, as we both have been, you can sometimes take for granted training and development opportunities that come your way. As a self-employed outfit these opportunities are so valuable.

BUT things are busy! As a business we’ve just launched our rebranded site, social media channels, there’s home shoot edits, engagement shoots booked in, corporate meets. Enough reasons not to do it.

However, we did. I pitched and we got accepted onto the programme.

I wanted to blog this episode, so that as a team we can have it as a reminder that we should take, jump even, at every opportunity. Say yes. Life is short. Go for it. Make ourselves as a business proud, make ourselves as individuals proud. If you don’t do it, you’ll never know.

We should also buy expensive things, like shoes, that make us feel good.

#women_in_business #train #develop #invest_in_yourself #make_great_things_happen

Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

May 16th 2016.




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