" We're in awe of how well they've turned out! It was wonderful to meet you, we're really excited for the big day now and having you there with us!

Love getting to know a couple before their wedding day. Choice of bar for our meeting was the legendary 185 Watling Street in Towcester. Although Hannah and Tom work/study far away in the land of the North, they frequent their favourite bar as often as they can. Hannah’s parents live in Towcester and the lovely couple will marry in the town later in the year.

With cappuccino in hand and after doing some oo’ ing and ahh'ing at the eclectic decor that kits out one of the smaller downstairs rooms we are in, we chat thoroughly and with excitement about what the plans are for the big day.

This couple are great, they are sweet and in love, they laugh a lot too (sometimes at each others expense) which is just excellent. Can’t wait to capture them and their loved ones on their wedding day.

And well done to Towcester on the day, although the sun didn’t shine, you stayed dry, we were thankful not to get run over by the bus and what a lovely red post office door you have, never noticed that before. Well done all round.

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Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

June 4th 2016.




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