Will and Fiona’s lovely sunny wedding day at the delightful Brownsover Hall Hotel, Rugby. What wonderful people involved and amazing moments to have witnessed.

From brilliant 87 year old Awaad, Fiona’s Grandad, who walked his granddaughter down the aisle and who literally stopped still upon seeing her in her wedding dress. To the lovely Groom Will whose face changed immediately from nerves to smiles as his bride made her way down the aisle to meet him. Lovely lovely. A few photographs from the day…

Shout out also to the lovely people at Brownsover Hall Hotel, (www.brownsoverhall.co.uk) and the delightful people from Your Big Day Events (www.yourbigdayevents.co.uk).

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Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

July 7th 2016.




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