Studio Wedding Photography

Pretty in awe of some of the products that have been flying out of the CO door in recent weeks. All credit to our brilliant clients in shot, even little fur baby Willow the dog, and all the team involved.

So proud of our team pulling it all together Amy hosting her first studio day in Milton Keynes (see pics below), Charlotte lightening quick on the edits, Alan analysing website stats as they come in, Kath just completely "on it” at last weeks wedding. The legendary public high five ending the night on a high.

We are getting ourselves together in terms of how we work as a team and how we present each line of our products to clients.

Presentation is everything to us, so too the quality of product. The idea of selecting top notch materials only for them to get damaged in dodgy packaging sends shivers.

Our acrylic prints, canvasses, mounted and framed prints, whether for wedding photography, studio, on location or commercial jobs are protected to the max. Bubble wrap central.

Studio Wedding Photography

Just googled coloured bubble wrap, who knew ?!! Excitement…Thanks all. Team work makes the dream work. x

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Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

August 10th 2016.




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