Oh how we love a car journey with a one and three year old…

Love weekends with the family

At 5am the alarm went off, and like church mice (if church mice are clumsy, sleep deprived, and a bit sweary), my husband and I loaded the car with half the contents of our house (we might need this …… and …. we’d better take that too). We lifted our sleepy 1 and 3 year olds from their beds and placed them, pajamaed, in the back of the car. And so began the epic trip to visit my parents, a mere 378.9 miles away from Northamptonshire, in the west coast of Scotland.

It was less than 30 minutes before we’d had our first ‘Are we nearly their yet?’. We’d broken in to the picnic before 7am and we were on our 17th round of ‘The wheels on the bus’ about the same time (The boys insisting on all the versus, including the one that goes the ‘Daddy on the bus goes trump, trump, trump!’ - cue hysterical giggles and much raspberry blowing from the 3 year old).

We stopped at a service station for a desperately needed nappy change and, almost as desperately needed, buckets of coffee for both parents. But shockingly, despite the stress, mini tantrums and overly priced service station coffees, we were making good time. We triumphantly reached the ‘Welcome to Scotland' sign unexpectedly early. So early, that we decided to plow on and not report our progress to my folks in case of traffic jams or holdups.

And so it was that around lunchtime, despite a last minute unexpected detour on a frankly terrifying single track road, (fortunately all we passed coming the other way was a herd of slightly disgruntled sheep), we pulled in to Mum and Dad’s crunchy gravel driveway. Slightly dazed and with a definite odour of a young family that’s been stuck in a car for a while, we stumbled up to the front door and rang the bell.

My mum, sandwich in hand, starred out the glass panel with bewilderment and joy ‘we didn't expect you for hours’ she said - She shouted ‘They’re here!’ to my dad, he scurried through to the hall. In seconds sandwiches lay forgotten as they bundled their precious grand babies in their arms. They whisked them through to start exploring the garden and toys they had got for them. My husband and I glanced at each other, the exhaustion of the seven hour car ride was forgotten. "it was worth it’ I like to think we both thought, but more likely ‘Is it too early for a beer?’

Here’s a snippet of our family shoot with Carrie earlier in the year…

Love weekends with the familyLove weekends with the familyLove weekends with the family

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Written by Lelly,

Social Media Guru, CO Photography and Design.

September 10th 2017.




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