The Nativity…

It's December again, honestly how has that happened?


Last December, we received a note from the preschool to inform us that the Nativity would be taking place and that all children would be allocated a role.

Each child was to receive a bag containing their costume which we as parents, (with endless time and resources to hand), should customise as we so choose.

I had no lofty ambitions of Joseph, my son could at best, sing the theme tune to Peppa pig. The dialogue involved in one of the starring roles was distinctly out of reach. Likewise the Kings/Wise people/Shepherds etc, it wasn’t realistic and I didn’t want to get my ‘stage mother hopes’ up. Maybe, just maybe an inn keeper - surely he could master "There’s no room at the inn?’ And I’d made up my mind firmly that should he land such a role, I would diligently make him practice the line over and over and over until ‘There’s no room at the inn’ became his standard reply to any and every other question he was asked.

As the days progressed and there had still been no ‘costume bag’ to collect, I began to panic that he had been overlooked. That perhaps they had decided it was best maybe if he has a smaller role, one that involved not actually following any specific instructions. Was he a preschool rebel and I knew nothing of his wild side?

I caught wind that the younger children would all be angels from a fellow parent. I prepared to make a tinsel halo and took the bag home without even glimpsing inside. It wasn’t till a few days later I opened it to discover that no, he wasn’t to start his stage career as an angel. My scrummy, sticky little first born, was to be a sheep!

And, as it turned out, there were only two other sheep, one of which was a stuffed toy. So essentially, he was at worst, second in command of the sheep. I had maintained an air of cynicism about the whole event ( two and three year olds reenacting the ‘greatest story ever told’ on a freezing Tuesday afternoon, watched by slightly stressed parents who, had had to take the afternoon off work for a 15 minute play). But as soon as Sheep number 2 stepped on the stage my eyes immediately filled to the brim with proud tears. He was funny and gorgeous. We of course, only had eyes for him (as everyone had for their own little cuties). He beamed when he spotted us in the audience and I like to think he stole the show with his ‘Sheep parade’ number (led around the stage by a tiny Shepherd.

It is a bit of an odd ritual when you think about it, the Nativity play, but my advice is don’t think about it. Just go and indulge yourself in a bit of loveliness in the run up the Christmas madness.


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Written by Lelly,

Social Media Guru, CO Photography and Design.

December 1st 2017.




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