2017, you've been amazing...

2017 wrap up

Emotion overload, listening to a bit of the brilliant Tom Speight, Willow Tree, as we compile our 2017 wrap up collection.

Wow there’s a lot of love in the families we capture on camera.

Our team has expanded this year (love them) and between us we have somehow managed to capture lots of amazing people on camera in the last year. Below and in the above slideshow is a snapshot which focusses on some of the families we have worked with.

I genuinely hope the kids who are cradled in parents arms, or maybe smiling just "being”, see their pictures one day and are simply reminded of how brilliant they are.

Likewise too PARENTS! Not every day is easy right?!! Serious love for capturing Mums and Dads and anyone else, raising their troop. This is history in the making. So honoured to capture it.

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Happy New Year to all. Here's to more adventures in our lovely shiny new 2018 x

ps. Big thanks to my new (self declared) best mate Tom Speight for for letting us use his wonderful Willow Tree song to accompany our 2017 images. Check out Tom on Twitter @TomSpeightMusic and on Facebook at TomSpeightMusic

Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

January 7th 2018.




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