New York with Kids

New York with Kids

New York, New York! We have visited "NYC" before, but only for day trips whilst staying in other parts of America and only as a couple. This time was different, we were taking the kids. 3 of them, aged 5, 8 and 10 and staying for longer (attending a family wedding nearby whilst we were in town). I took a few photographs which I thought I’d share in case others are considering the trip in the future.

New York with Kids

We stayed here, at the Double Tree Suites, by Hilton. In our experience, for a family stay, this hotel was totally fine for our needs, nicely several floors up away from the hustle and bustle with clean sizeable rooms. A bit of a wait in reception whilst we checked in, but with choc chip cookies on arrival to the room, the kids soon forgave. The locality, the heart of Times Square, to all other attractions was just brilliant, we were able to walk little feet everywhere we had wanted to visit.

Outside of the hotel though the main concern was "what If we lose a child?!!” I wasn’t too worried about the relatively sensible 10 year old, who I knew would hold our hand much of the time. But the rather flighty 8 and 5 year did indeed fill me with worry. A quick search of "children’s leads” into Amazon a few days before going and the worry was somewhat squashed. Though as it turns out I did have nightmares, centring around losing them, every night we were there.

New York with Kids

This city is BUSY. We felt it. In fact one of the kids had a nose bleed right in the heart of time square as soon as we arrived; great start! We put it down to air pressure, heat, excitement all ravelled into one. We parked our hire car not far away at the Crowne Plaza, I was so proud of hubs driving into the heart of this place, literally stroked him and told him patronisingly "well done” and "you’re doing so well” many times.

New York with Kids

(nose bleed moment, much to the excitement of the Time Square security people above)

New York with Kids

For food we ate at a range of places including;

Angelos’ Pizza where we shared scrummy family sized bowls of pasta which was a fave.

HardRock Café was also enjoyed, (investing in now what I understand to be the best coffee flask ever – 6 hours this bad boy keeps coffee warm, 6 hours!)

We also gave into the kids request to visit the Times Square McDonalds. The kids noted the minuuuuute portion of happy meal fries given in NYC McDonalds and to say they were not happy is an understatement. Yikes.

New York with KidsNew York with Kids

Visits to Disney Store, M&M World, Build a Bear, check.

New York with Kids

We took in a couple of shows; firstly, the nothing but AMAZING School of Rock Seriously, it’s several weeks since our trip and we are still buzzing about this stage show.

The performances of all and in particular the live musical performances of the kids in the show were outstanding and well received by all the family. Since being back home, the Greatest Showman soundtrack which been played in the house most days since it’s release, has now been swiftly replaced with the Spotify soundtrack to The School of Rock.

Produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber the music is just PHENOMENAL. Even if you haven’t seen the show I’d still recommend giving tracks like ”If only you would listen” and "Where did the rock go” a listen. Love songs that are powerful and tear jerkers, these are they.

New York with KidsNew York with Kids

A few days later we visited The Gazillion Bubble Show ; according to Oprah…"It will blow your mind!" Melody Yang, the main performer, was brilliant. As well as watching her perform lots of bubble related tricks, there was music and lasers and as the biggest, fastest windswept bubbles blew into our faces at speed we were literally laughing out loud at each other. The kids were invited to be IN a bubble at one point. I’d noted a recommendation on Instagram that this was a great place to visit in NYC if you have kids 0-10. I would totally agree.

New York with KidsNew York with KidsNew York with Kids

Visiting Central Park and the John Lennon Imagine Mosaic was definitely on the intended "things to do” list, the eldest can do a mean "Let it Be” on guitar and surely this would inspire. In order to access you visit the Strawberry Fields area of the Park. I couldn’t help but hum the Imagine tune. It felt surreal being there and a bit emotional all at the same time, as we walked from here to other areas of the park that we wanted to check out; the carousel of course was high up on the list...

New York with Kids

We gave a nod to a few other places that we didn’t actually visit; the Empire State (as we visited Build a Bear literally next door) and of course the Statue of Liberty as we drove over Brooklyn Bridge on our way back to JFK Airport.

All in all a magical trip that we’ll never forget. We now can’t afford to eat for the rest of the year, but here’s to the summer holidays.

Precious memories made and captured.

Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

August 28th 2018.




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