Turning your Big Ideas into Reality

Entrepreneurial Spirit is seriously alive in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes! See below 3 top tips on achieving entrepreneurial goals.

Have you ever heard the phrase "ideas are only valuable if you execute them”? We meet some amazing people from across the local counties that are turning their big ideas into reality, here’s one example….....meet Northamptonshire school boy Addison Garratt (age 12), who brilliantly this month features in the promo video for the US Series "American Gods”.

Your Gods are Dead


Addison’s personal branding shoot with us leading up to this was nothing but fun. This kid is going places and we are utterly thrilled for his recent success. Go Addison.

Turning big ideas into reality, whether that be becoming an actor in the US or introducing a new product to market, is not easy.

Indeed, there’s enough reasons not to do it; being "entrepreneurial” means there is a lot of unknowns, risk taking, hard work, removing of noise and distraction to enable you to focus on your goals. But…as the old saying goes….

Your Gods are Dead

The entrepreneurs we work with in Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties, don’t choose easy, they choose something else and upon achieving their goals reap MASSIVE, often transformational reward.

We worked closely with Addison and his team producing personal branding photography for Addison prior to his American adventures. Read his team’s 3 top tips on how to achieve your entrepreneurial goals below….

American Gods
American Gods
American Gods

3 Top Tips from Addison's Team to help achieve your entrepreneurial goals:

  • If you are stepping into a new industry, make sure you have the passion for it and that you believe in yourself.

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take time to appreciate the journey and understand how things work. Open doors, enable opportunities but ultimately drive your journey forward at the pace right for you.

  • Practice your skill. Practice, practice, practice. Take action and say 'yes' to as many opportunities to gain as much experience as you can.

Do you know someone ambitious, with big dreams? Let’s get them on camera and start making it happen!

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Written by Carrie,

Co Founder of CO Photography and Design.

March 12th 2019.




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